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Become an expert at talking to your clients to create a steady stream of More and Better Clients with our Subscription Learning Center!
This is THE place on this website for people to truly master this "client" process.  And it is also the most cost effective solution for you!  Learn at your own pace.  Have access to everything I know about this subject PLUS an ever growing library of interviews with other top thinkers in the field of customer relations and retention. All for one low subscription price!

Subscription Learning Center

Going Deep with your clients to build your business from the inside out!

This subscription program consists of two parallel streams of learning.


Going Deep with Your Customers

How to harvest the value of "Going Deep" with your customers, that is, we will learn what to do with the knowledge you gain from having client value conversations.


Customer Value Conversation Toolkit

How to actually have conversations with customers, that is, interviewing, recording, producing, and publishing the results of your conversations. Also referred to as the Testimonial Toolkit.


Here is how the program works:

Each and every week you will receive a lesson via email.  The lessons will alternate between the two programs above.  One week you will learn about "how" to talk to clients, and the other week you will learn "why" you should talk to clients.
You can send unlimited email questions to Bill and he will answer all those questions in his blog so everyone joins in the learning.
Each and every month, you have opportunity to submit questions to Bill Metcalf to address in order to keep you on track.  Once you submit a question, you will be invited to a special conference call where you will meet with Bill and he will answer all the questions that have been submitted.


Here are some examples of topics we will cover in the Building Your Business program

(see below for topics for the Customer Value Conversation Toolkit topics)

In the Going Deep with Your Customers program you will learn how to . . .

  • Discover your USP -- your Unique Selling Proposition through the voices of your clients.

  • Build a strong network of prospects through your current client base.

  • Dominate important vertical markets

  • Write the best marketing copy through your customers voices.

  • Attracts the right prospects that fit your business rather than you fitting theirs

  • Pick up "money left on the table" with this customer to increase sales volume

  • Develop new products & services for your current customers

  • Develop continuous and powerful referrals from all of your clients

  • Train your referral sources

  • Make it easy for them to refer you

  • Find "what's in it for them" to refer you

  • Measure your referral program results

  • Create Evangelists who market your business

  • Find them a pulpit to tell your story

  • Develop co-marketing opportunities

  • Improve Sales Results through Value Selling and Doing the Math

  • Change how you present your story to close more sales

  • Build your confidence through your client's stories

  • Raise Your Prices without fee resistance

  • Become Recognized Expert

  • Get great prospects to find YOU rather than you chasing them

  • Learn to create and sell information products

  • Develop Strategic Partnerships to add value and co-marketing

  • And more each week that comes right from my own Raving Fan interviews and work with clients

In the Customer Value Conversation Toolkit
you will learn how to . . .

  • Start doing CVC with current clients.

  • Make CVCs a regular part of your normal client process.

  • Do your first CVC!

  • Get clients to "re-live" the pain they had when they came to you.

  • Dig beneath the initial "surface" responses to the real pain.

  • Get them to share their personal stories.

  • Get them to share their business stories.

  • Shift the conversation to focus on your contribution.

  • Dig past the process and look at your personal contribution.

  • Teach them to be your Evangelists

  • Make this conversation valuable to them.

  • "Connect the Dots" so clients can discover the value you provide.

  • Build a hard-dollar ROI story from scratch.

  • Get clients to find the data they need to show the value you provide.

  • Uncover soft-dollar ROI stories (like: "less stress," "more confidence," etc)

  • Convert soft-dollar stories into hard-dollar stories.

  • Record interviews in person.

  • Understand why audio work better than video in most cases.

  • Record over the telephone.

  • Share audio files with clients.

  • Do the basics of audio editing.

  • Get clients to want to share the recordings

  • Use short sound bite testimonials.

  • Produce long format case studies in multimedia.

  • Get interviews transcribed and used as articles.

  • Use recording sound bites in "live" presentations.

  • Break up the case study into sound bites.

  • Develop the questions to ask you as the expert.

  • Record your "expert" interview.

  • Fold the expert interview into the testimonial.

  • Position products for sale or to create a viral marketing stream.

  • And more all the time from the continuing interviews I do

Your investment for all this learning?
$49 per month

This will be done as a recurring bill to your credit card.  You can cancel any time and get a pro-rated refund of your subscription price if you are not delighted with this service.

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